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About Us

RLW Editorial Services is a small, privately owned editorial service. Our mission is to provide high quality proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing and ghostwriting services with a commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction. We also provide expert proofreading and copyediting for master's degree theses and doctoral dissertations.

Ricki Walters is the owner and editor for RLW Editorial Services. She is a Minnesota based writer and editor, who has a passion for literary fiction, science fiction/fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, and middle grade and young adult books. She has written articles for Connections, College Crossings, and the Professional Editors' Network (PEN) Newsletter. Her short stories have been published by Learning Through History and Aria Kalsan. Ricki taught writing courses (Including Creative Writing: Fiction, Creative Writing: Nonfiction, Rhetorical Writing and Research Writing) for more than fifteen years as an adjunct faculty member at Riverland Community College and Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has a Master of Arts degree in English/Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Corrections with a minor in Psychology. Ricki is also an investigator, a trainer and a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114.

For a copy of Ricki's Resume/Vita, e-mail her at: ricki@rlweditorial.com

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Ricki's honest, thoughtful and candid approach was the difference in the timely completion of my dissertation. She provided the needed editing skills, as well as coaching me through the process of "creating new knowledge" and writing it in a clear and cohesive manner. Her kind and timely communications kept me focused and motivated. My phenomenological research on the "lived-experience" of power was new to her. She non-judgmentally engaged the approach and provided me the opportunity to "teach" her so she could provide editing that aligned with my study. Her willingness to learn about the unique nuances of descriptive phenomenology provided me a unique opportunity to organize my research and practice my defense. Ricki's editing is sound, as is her professional ethic. She will be my editor for my next project.

--Stephanine Dustrud

Power Experienced by Women in Formal Leadership Positions

as Described by Chief Academic Officers at Women's

Colleges and Universities in the United States

APA Dissertation, University of Minnesota

Ricki Walters did a wonderful job editing my novel, Worthy McGuire--she was patient, attentive and honest in assessing the work. She even went above and beyond by doing one more review of the manuscript after an editor from the publisher made some suggestions. I would recommend her for anyone looking to edit their work in a professional and timely manner.

--Tim McGee

Worthy McGuire


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