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Fiction and Nonfiction

Below you'll find a list of services provided by RLW Editorial Services
for fiction and creative nonfiction. 
A free sample edit may help you determine your editing needs.
Proofreading checks for and corrects errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall syntax. 

Price:  $.008 per word


Copyediting is our most popular service.  With a copyedit, you will receive a detailed edit of your manuscript’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, sentence structure, word choice, verb agreement, tense, voice, overall writing style, consistency, clarity, repetitions, tightness, flow, transitions, chapter beginnings and endings, plot, theme, climax, and character development.  In addition, for nonfiction, you will also receive basic fact checking.  A 3-5 page manuscript analysis accompanies every copyedit. 


Price:  $.012 per word


Developmental Editing requires heavy rewriting of the material, where needed.  This service attempts to restructure or reorganize the material in order to help the book become what it needs to be.  This edit includes all the same elements of a copyedit, but may also require completely redrafting some areas of the material.  This service essentially provides a book doctor to examine and repair the manuscript’s problems.  A comprehensive manuscript analysis accompanies this edit. 


Price:  This service is charged via an hourly rate: $50/hour


Ghostwriting is geared toward the author who has a great idea, but who isn’t sure how to turn it into a book.  Here, the ghostwriter works with the author to build the story from scratch.  Ghostwriting requires intense communication between the ghostwriter and the author, so only authors serious about the investment of time and who are aggressively pursuing publication should consider this service.  It is expensive and intensive.  For this service, we require that you already have a set intention for the book, a general outline of the work, and a 5,000 word introduction/prologue to help assess your voice and style. 


Price:  This service is charged via an hourly or per project rate: $65/hour



Presentations and Workshops: As a college writing instructor, Ricki has many years’ experience working with adult creative writers. She also has many years of experience working with youth.  She would be happy to design a program or workshop specifically for your group.  No matter what your writing experience, Ricki can develop a fun, educational presentation or workshop from one to four hours in length.  Some possible topics for sessions include: Creating and Editing Your Business Documents: From Instructional Manuals to Brochures and White Papers, The Art of Revision, Editing Your Own Writing Like a Pro, Creating Fictional Characters, Building Worlds, Writing for Middle Grade Readers, So You Have a Great Idea (How to turn those great ideas into short stories or novels), Writing About Your Life, or It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (mystery writing for adults or youth).


Lecture/Presentation Fees (depending on length of presentation):  $250-$1,000 plus travel expenses