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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an editor?


If you are working toward getting your book or dissertation published, then yes.  The publishing business has become extremely competitive, and editors from publishing houses, as well as university advisors and committees, have much more to do and much less time available to work with writers than even just a few years ago.  Having an editor review your work before you submit it anywhere for publication can give you a competitive edge over the many other writers who are also seeking publication. 


Why should I choose RLW Editorial Services?


RLW Editorial Services offers clients an affordable alternative to other higher priced editing services.  We offer quality, professional editing for writers who may be new to the business, and who may also be working with limited budgets.  A sample edit will help you decide if we’re right for you. 


To receive your sample edit, send your request to: ricki@rlweditorial.com.

Are RLW Editorial Services’ prices competitive?


The standard rate for editing services varies from agency to agency.  Some editors use hourly rates of $65 or more.  Per word rates often start at $.014 and go higher.  RLW Editorial Services’ per word rates run between $.008 and $.012, and our hourly rate is between $35.00 and $65.00, saving clients approximately $200 for the average length manuscript.  And, RLW Editorial Services also believes that if our rates are beyond a client’s means, we need to negotiate a rate that will be fair for everyone.  Why are we cheaper?  Because we are a small, privately owned company that doesn’t have a lot of overhead as compared to other editing agencies.  Our goal is to make a professional edit affordable to all writers.


How does the editing process work?


We offer a free sample edit that will help you determine the level of editing that your manuscript will need.  When we provide your free edit, we also make suggestions about the service that would best meet your manuscript’s needs.  Once you choose the kind of service that you’d like, and submit your service request, a contract will be e-mailed to you outlining the project details.  You will need to e-mail the signed contract, along with your deposit (via PayPal), to RLW Editorial Services, then we’ll do the rest.  Ricki Walters will communicate with you by phone or e-mail throughout the process.  We believe that the most successful edits occur when the writer and editor work together very closely. 


What is the proper manuscript format for submitting work to RLW Editorial Services?


When submitting manuscripts to be edited or proofread, they should be typed, double-spaced, in font size 11 or 12, with an approximate 1” margin at the top and bottom and 1.25” margins at the side.  Proper formatting for publication varies according to what you're publishing and where.  RLW Editorial Services will help you format your manuscript appropriately.  


How long will an edit take? 


Once an edit is begun, it typically takes between two days and two weeks to complete. This depends on the length of the manuscript and the type of service chosen.  We want to be sure to allow enough time for a thorough, and high quality, review of your work.  Rush edits can be arranged for special circumstances.


Will an edit guarantee that I am published?


No.  RLW Editorial Services cannot guarantee a publishing contract.  An edit is intended to provide a professional eye reviewing your manuscript to help it meet industry or university standards. 


What are some important things to consider when selecting an editor?


There are several things you should keep in mind.  The first is the experience of the editor.  It’s important to select someone who has experience as an editor and who has experience with the publishing industry.  The second thing to consider is the editor’s credentials.  With the economy the way it is, there are many folks out there offering editing services who got good grades in their high school English classes, but a quality edit requires much more knowledge.  Third, it’s important to consider the editor’s track record.  Does the editor provide the service that was promised?  And finally, it’s important that the editor and author are able to relate to each other since the editor will need to represent the author’s voice and style when editing.  After all, it's your book. 


If you’d like to see a copy of Ricki Walters’ resume/vita, please e-mail her at ricki@rlweditorial.com.