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Process and Submission to RLW Editorial Services

Before sending your manuscript, please contact me at 507-279-4668 or at ricki@rlweditorial.com

We'll discuss your project, your expectations for the edit, and the fee. 


Once I accept the editing job:


  • You can send your manuscript to me via e-mail attachment.
  • Payment of 50% of the fee must be made before work will begin. The remaining 50% is due  upon completion of the project.
  • All submissions must be typed, double spaced, in font size 11 or 12, with a 1” margin at the top and bottom and 1.25 margins at the side. 


After receiving and briefly reviewing the manuscript, if you need more than the standard amount of editing, Ricki will call you and discuss that before moving forward. 


Edits are made using Microsoft Word’s tracking tool.  Unless otherwise specified, editing will be completed and returned within two weeks.  Once the edit is complete, Ricki will happily discuss any questions you have about comments or recommendations.




RLW Editorial Services takes no responsibility for the success or failure of any project.  RLW Editorial Services is not a literary agency and cannot help you get your piece published, except to help you make your work the very best it can be.