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Our Services


For fiction and nonfiction writers, our services include editing for content, elements of style, structure and clarity; proofreading to correct grammatical errors and typos, developmental editing for manuscript’s that need major repairs, and ghostwriting to turn your great idea into a book or short story. 


For dissertations and theses, our services  include copyediting for content, structure and clarity, and proofreading to correct grammatical errors and typos.  No developmental editing or ghostwriting is provided for academic writers.

Ricki consults with each writer, whether they are writing fiction, nonfiction, dissertations or theses, to determine which level of service is needed, and she works closely with writers throughout the editing and proofreading process.

Our Prices


Our prices depend on the length of the manuscript and the service that is requested.  Our prices are competitive and should fit within the budget of most writers and graduate students.


Our Relationships


RLW Editorial Services is built on our customers' positive experiences and referrals.  A personal relationship with each writer is key to a successful edit. We treat our customers like individuals who have needs, personal goals, and important deadlines.

For our academic writers, we invite academic departments and committee chairs to contact us for more information about our services.


Our Ethics


In keeping with the guidelines provided by The Chicago Manual of Style for ethical editing, our editor does not develop ideas and concepts for our academic writers.  Instead, she focuses on the elements of style and grammar for each manuscript.  Developmental editing and substantive revisions are not provided for theses and dissertations.  

Academic writers who are unsure of the ethics of using a professional editor in their particular field should check with their chairs or advisors before using editing or proofreading services.  Chairs or advisors with questions about RLW Editorial Services are encouraged to contact us for more information.